Los Angeles Daily News: Cafe della Vita is a Celebration!

An inspired chef creates great food the way an artists works in oils or a musician with voice and mandolin. Antonio Bellissimo born and raised in Sicily has made his Cafe Della Vita (Cafe of Life)  vibrantly original in all three: food, visuals and music. Since its grand opening last year, the cafe’s unique family friendly Old World approach with a New Age vibe has made it very popular, very fast.

Nearly everything on the menu is made using his mother’s recipes, from the marinara sauce and house made pasta to the cannoli, a top seller and no wonder - in Sicily, Frank Sinatra used to visit Bellissimo’s parents’ little bar/cafe especially for that cannoli.

Read more: Los Angeles Daily News, Friday, September 8, 2017, page 11, dining out section.

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